Our weather changes...

The changes in weather conditions are becoming bigger and more extreme

Whether this is related to climate change or not, fact is that our weather conditions are changing. The changes in weather conditions are becoming bigger and more extreme. This trend will continue into the future.

The risk of damage to your open field crop or even losing your crop completely is increasing. To eliminate the risk of hail storms, intense sunlight or rain on your fruit, trees or cultivated plants, APS Holland is developing systems to cover your open field crop. Our Automatic Hail Net system has been tested extensively in real life circumstances and has been introduced on the market. Our Automatic Rain and Sun Covers are in the development stage and being prepared for market introduction.

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Gardening services

Automatic Protection System against Hail

The effect of Hail on plants and trees, on cars or other valuable assets can be
devastating. APS Holland Hail Systems provide optimal protection against hail while giving you the flexibility of opening or closing your system whenever you want

Gardening services

Automatic Protection System against Rain

Rain coverings are especially suitable for soft fruits like cherries, raspberries,
blueberries and other berry fruits. The APS Holland automatic rain cover provides 
protection against rain when required and can also be opened for maximum exposure 
to air and light.

Gardening services

Automatic Protection System against Sunlight

In large areas of our globe the SUN is really intense. Often this coincides with a shortage of precious WATER. APS Holland Shading Systems provide protection against direct sunlight and unwanted evaporation of precious water.

Maximum Exposure to Air & Light

With the automatic coverings you create micro climate that you can easily manage by (partially) opening or closing the covering.

Remote control and Automatic

By using SMS messaging you can open or close the complete covering within minutes automatically without any additional manpower.

Solar Powered and Secure

In remote areas, electricity is not always available. With just a few solar panels and a battery pack your Automatic Covering can be opened and closed without any problem, fully powered by renewable energy. The battery pack and the status messages of the battery offer a secure functioning of the automatic covering.

Labor Saving

Standard stationary or fixed coverings require a lot of manpower to open and close. Once the coverings are installed, they stay closed till the end of the season to provide protection. The Automatic Coverings can be opened and closed whenever needed within minutes.